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SWE Pu Sandwich Panels, China
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Shandong Julong Industry
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Modification: Standart panel Thermal insulation: Foamed polyurethane (PUR)  


Advantages of SWE Pu Sandwich Panels

1. Heat and sound insulation:The outer steel sheets can maintain the lastingness of the color of the building, and reduce the solar radiation and keep the appropriate indoor temperature. The high quality heat insulation materials are made with the adoption of polyurethane PU and (PIR) polyisocyanurate resin acid hydrogen containing no Chloro-fluoro-carbons (CFC).

2. A degree inflaming retarding:This system can effectively prevent the fire and prevent the fire from spreading during the cross construction and during the use of the boards

3. Environment protection:By learning after the successful experience in environment protection constructions from companies home and abroad and through our scientific analysis, we objectively bear the idea of “low carbon designing, environmental building materials and energy-saving technology” in mind.

4. Super-low heat conductivity:The lowest heat conducting coefficient of the heat insulation boards ensures that, under the condition that the thinnest heat insulation materials are used; the system can meet the energy-saving requirement and offer the strongest basic guarantee to meet the requirement of high standard heat insulation

5. SWE polyurethane roof panel are tightly connected blind nailing

6. Easy and quick to install

USE. Widely use in industry factory, storehouse, public construction, fridge, telecome site, outdoor shelter, etc.

Key word: Clean Plate

1.Kinds of Material of Surface PlateColor steel, Galvanized sheet, Galvanized light steel, Stainless steel, Printing plates, Aluminum foil, PVC, Plywood and other dozen dressings.

2. Kinds of Core materialRock wool, Glass wool, Paper honeycomb, Ceramic aluminum, Magnesium bee paperboard .

3.ApplicationClean plate divided into veneer type clean plate and composite panels.

Veneer type clean plate often cement pressure plate for the substrate sheet, used in hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms and other high requirements on the environment area.

Composite plates clean board, also known purification by color coated, stainless steel and other materials used as surface material composite panels, used in electronics,

pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, aerospace, manufacturing and research and other precision instruments for demanding clean indoor environmen