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E'GRID 2020L, China
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Geogrid raw materials: Polypropylene (PP) Geogrid Unit Weight , g/m2: 300 Axial typе: Biaxial geogrid
Tensile strength MD, kN/m: 20 Tensile strength CD, kN/m: 20 Max. elongation MD, %: 95
Max. elongation CD, %: 95 Tensile strength at 2% strain MD, kN/m: 7.6 Tensile strength at 5% strain MD, kN/m: 15.3
Meters per standart roll, m.: 51.3 Roll width, mm: 3.9  

Polymer: Polypropylene Resistance to Ultra-Violet Light: A High level of resistance to UV is given to E’GRID Geogrids by the incorporation of weathering-grade carbon black(1), well dispersed in the polymer matrix. These products may be used for many years in exposed conditions. Chemical and Biological Resistance: E’GRID Bi-Axial Geogrids are manufactured from Polypropylene which is unaffected by all chemicals, including acids, alkalis and salts, normally found in soils. Also it is not a nutrient, therefore, these products will not be affected by micro-organisms in soil.

min. shipment: 1 m2
min. shipment: 1 m2
min. shipment: 1 m2
min. shipment: 1 m2
min. shipment: 1 m2
min. shipment: 1 m2