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LUTENE BB0808, Republic of Korea
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Republic of Korea
LG Chem LG Chem
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Quality: Virgin Molding method: Blow Molding Form: Granules
Density, g/cm3: 0.921 Tensile Stress,at break, MPa: 54.038 Tensile elongation, %: 550
Flexural Stress,at yield, MPa: 27.5 Melt Flow Rate, g/10min: 0.8 Melting point, °C: 110

Application Shrinkage film,pallet shrink covers,chopping board,All types of industrial packing. Feature LUTENE BB0808 is mainly intended for the extrusion of blown film with high mechanical property for the manufacture of shrink film and pallet shrink covers. LUTENE BB0808 have the balanced shrink properties and good clarity make suitable for shrink film.(LUTENE BB0808 contains neither slip agent nor antiblock agent.) Properties

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