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For suppliers

The system is free international b2b trade platform, where anyone can buy and sell goods all over the world, calculate delivery costs from warehouse to warehouse, customs duties and has an opportunity to make indicative goods cost calculation.

INMAEX implements in your business computerized solutions for products promotion on international and domestic markets: expand geography of sales, the number of customers and sales effectiveness

INMAEX provides simple engine that processes your sales and supply facilities, language support and legal backing, convenience, fast and effective work in the system will make your business simple and successful.

  • Easy to control/manage goods
  • Broadening geography of sales and reach
  • Quick and easy adding of items on the basis of trade patterns
  • Creation and management of Seller’s personal page
  • Auto-selection of goods according to the request: saving your time and resources
  • Rule of users parity
  • Multicast offer request: guaranteed receiving of the offer requests from Buyers
  • Communication system and documentation procedure with customers from all over the world
  • Personal statistics
  • Free tech support and INMAEX consultation
  • Transport support by INMAEX Logistics

INMAEX system makes possible for buyer to search for goods and suppliers around the world.

  • You can search for items using the language you like
  • The system has filters for country of goods origin, using them you can select the most interesting for you countries
  • Sending requests for a price and negotiating with suppliers using INMAEX trade service
  • Compare products on the features, prices, suppliers and countries
  • Buy and sell within the single service INMAEX
  • Requests for the delivery cost and customs duties

Manage your incoming Offer requests :

  • Create Commercial offers in one click – the system of auto-selection will select of your goods that are most closely meet the requirements of buyer request
  • Discuss Offer with a buyer within internal communication system, share documents and files
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Reduction of work-hours for customer service, improve service quality – is a fully free SaaS service for procurement and sales

  • Free use of service
  • Free consulting
  • Free registration

Automated system of product selection makes it possible for supplier to prepare commercial offers fast and effective using minimal human resources, which will meet requirements of customer. is an international platform, where hundreds of buyers and suppliers from all over the world have already registered, and the number of users are still growing.

INMAEX is an international provider of logistic services, which specializes in providing full support of goods supply chain, both between countries and within them.

Our service will help you to implement the customs processing and deliver cargo to your customers all over the world:

  • International carriages: containers, LCL / LTL carriages by road, air and rail
  • Customs processing: export and import
  • INMAEX Contract holding service
  • Help in negotiations and settlement of issues

INMAEX company developers made trading system as simple and efficient as possible: the minimum number of buttons and menus, intuitively understandable management system, simple registration, notification system and support.

Multilingual support – use our service, manage your goods and receive requests in the language you like.

Single service - purchase / sale and logistics within a single service.

Easily operated and high efficiency of trade platform.

Patterns of goods - predefined pattern units of goods with a given set of features and specifications.

Automation of routine processes using built-in control modules of supply and logistic.

INMAEX managers provide full support at any work stage.

Free registration - register as "Supplier" for the possibility to buy and sell.

You can add goods using the left side of the control panel in the menu "My Products".

  • In the tab "Main" select desired Group, fill in basic fields: article, the country of goods origin, measurement unit and price. You can describe characteristics and qualities of the product using text box. In addition, you can attach photos.
  • In the tab "Additional" - write goods characteristics. All of these details will be used in making up an Offer and in the filter system, that’s why it is important to fill in  characteristics of products as reliably as possible.
  • In the tab "Bank" specify delivery terms according Incoterms and terms of payment, including bank details. These data will be copied into the generated invoice form.

Received requests of quotations are in the menu "Supplier Documents" – "Offer request".

You can view a list of required products and desired characteristics by pressing the button "".

To answer the request click the button "Create". The system of auto-selection will select of your products the item which will meet customer’s requirements and will create an Offer.
You can specify / change the price, the unit of goods measurement, terms of delivery and payment.

If you do not have required goods, then the system will inform you about it and suggest to create a product by addressing you to the page of item’s adding.

If you have similar products, but they differ by some features, you can add them to the Offer by clicking "Create", then by pressing the button ""  you will explode required properties, select the tab "similar products" and select the product that you think the most closely meets requirements of clients.

In the text box, you can write notes to the created Offer.

Control panel at the top of the screen - contains the menu of creating items, the menu of controlling purchase/sales, personal data and messages.

Your created Offer will instantly appear in the Buyer’s menu of procurement management - "Buyer Documents" - "Offers". Buyer will make decision to approve your Offer, postpone it until certain date or reject.

If customer accepts the offer, you will be notified that the Offer is accepted. Next, go to the menu “Supplier Documents” – "Invoices" menu and generate invoice by clicking the button "Generate Invoice", set the seal, signature and send it to the client by clicking  in the tab "Invoices" the button "Send a file" or send your invoice version. Your invoice will appear in Buyer’s menu.

All requests that you have received can be found in the menu Offer in the tab “Supplier Documents”.

Generated invoices and contracts for delivery are in the tabs “Invoice payments” and “Contracts” in the menu “Supplier documents”.

The tab Request for delivery quotation, which you can find in the menu "Supplier documents" is designed to send a request form for delivery. Received Offers for delivery / customs processing are also in this tab.

Control panel is at the top of the screen and contains the following tabs from the left to the right:

  • "Profile" tab is designed to manage registration data, as well as to create a personal page, where you can place information about the company and banners
  • The name of the company – if you click on the tab you see personal Cabinet
  • Messages – by clicking it you will be addressed on page of your messages
  • Help – is instruction for INMAEX trade platform functionality
  • Buyer documents - is the menu which holds the history of your requests, received Offers, invoices, contracts for goods and delivery
  • Language selector butto – you can change the current language you view the system contents in.

You can correspond with a Buyer, discuss prices, terms, goods specification and many other things.

The whole history of correspondences is in the menu "Messages".

You can send messages along with attached files up to 2MB. is your additional tool for Sales: international and domestic sales, logistic and customs processing, statistics and marketing, technical and legal INMAEX support.

Product Card - is a showcase of each item. It displays the maximum of useful information about the product, which can be interesting to your customers.

Card of goods contains the following information:

  • The name and article of the product
  • Photos / pictures
  • Unit price
  • Net / Gross weight units
  • Information about suppliers
  • Goods specification
  • Goods description
  • Carriage details

The more information about a product you give, the more popular your product will be.

Multicast RFQ - is the main tool for goods searching according to the required for Buyer characteristics. In fact, it is a making up an Offer request and it’s mailing to all suppliers in the system base.

Offer request is created by customer on the basis of special samples. The sample includes predefined set of fields which must be filled. Samples pretty exactly determine all required characteristics for an Offer. In order to eliminate the problem of lack of information INMAEX made the system of Samples. This system makes possible for buyers to make an Offer request using samples.

Trading Platform INMAEX by default supposes the equality of suppliers: the system of filters and multicast system of requests will make possible for buyer to find you and your goods.

New message notification, new offers as well as Offer status changes will be sent to your e-mail.

Product scope - is a preferred sphere of receiving Offer requests. Supplier should adjust a few scopes in order to receive requests, even if he does not have required items.

Convenient form of statistics, including a sample on the main indicators. Control common and personal statistics on rates which you are interested in.

In this case INMAEX can act both as the exporter or importer of your shipment.

You get completely rid of necessity to negotiate and make an agreement with other partners; to address issues with customs clearance of shipments, payment of fees and other charges; to take risks.

  • Search for products and suppliers.
  • INMAEX contract holding
  • Negotiation and agreement of terms and conditions
  • Audit of business and manufacturing quality
  • Representing the interests of the client
  • Organization of all "turn-key" supply chain

Our specialists provide technical and informational support to service users at any stage of work with the INMAEX trading platform.

Free consultation on all questions on service usage and it’s full functionality, consulting in the field of foreign trade activities and carriages.

Specialists of the company provide help in negotiating or become representative of Buyer in Asia, CIS, Europe, North and South America.

  • Search for products according to customer requirements
  • Providing analytical review of suppliers
  • Cost calculation of goods unit anywhere in the world