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For customers

The system – is free international b2b trade platform where any person can buy and sell goods all over the world, execute delivery cost calculations from warehouse to warehouse, customs duties and has an opportunity to make indicative goods cost calculation. 

INMAEX.COM offers a wide range of opportunities for optimization of procurement activity: from finding supplier till delivery of goods to warehouse.

  • Effective tool for direct buying;
  • Domestic and international purchasing;
  • Automation of routine processes of organization and request sending;
  • Multicast offer request sending;
  • Supplying of logistic possibilities;
  • Analytics and statistics.

INMAEX system makes possible for buyer to search for goods and suppliers around the world.

  • You can search for items using the language you like;
  • The system has filters for country of goods origin, using them you can select the most interesting for you countries;
  • Sending requests for a price and negotiating with suppliers using INMAEX trade service;
  • Compare products on the features, prices; suppliers and countries
  • Buy and sell within the single service INMAEX;
  • Requests for the delivery cost and customs duties. –  is a fully free SaaS service for procurement and sales.

  • Free use of service
  • Free consulting
  • Free registration – is multipurpose diversified b2b trade platform. During the startup of the trading system, since November 2014 hundreds of suppliers from all over the world registered in the catalogue and  thousands of unique goods was added in the system.

  • Industrial and manufacturing equipment
  • Chemicals and Construction Materials
  • Special and sports vehicles
  • Polymers and Raw Materials
  • Household appliances and other

INMAEX is international provider of logistic services, which specializes in providing full support of goods supply chain, not only between countries but also inside them.

  • International carriages: containers, LCL/ LTL, carriages by road, air and rail
  • Customs processing: export and import
  • INMAEX Contract holding service
  • Help in negotiations and settlement of issues

INMAEX provides a full range of services for the implementation of the import and export customs clearance processing on the territory of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, India, USA, Canada, Republic of Korea, South America and Europe

You have an opportunity to manage incoming Offers :

  • Approve, reject or postpone decision
  • Discuss Offer with a supplier within internal communication system
  • Send received offers for Goods cost accounting and delivery costs


All received offers in a single window.

  • Illustrative and user-friendly interface
  • Effective monitoring and comparison of price
  • A list of goods characteristics and delivery conditions
  • System of statuses and notifications

Our specialists provide a technical and information support to service users at any workstage in the trading platform INMAEX.

  • Multilingual support - search for items, look at specification and communicate with INMAEX managers on the language you like
  • Single service - purchase /sale and logistics within a single service
  • INMAEX managers provide support at any work stage
  • Trade item patterns - the principle made it possible for person to use broad options for goods filtration and minimize “information junk"
  • Rationalized and balanced structure of the catalogue
  • The principle of open rates and prices - detailed costs calculation at every stage of delivery



Free registration - register as "Buyer", if you intend only to buy goods, and as "Supplier" – to have possibility to buy and sell

Search in the searching bar – is a quick and handy way to find need items.

Search in the Catalogue – is elaborated catalogue structure makes the search fast and convenient. The catalogue provides the opportunity to filter products according to their characteristics, country of origin, brand, suppliers. Also it’s provides the possibility to compare products with each other in a wide range of features and specifications. 


Results of search using  searching bar will be presented in two forms:

  1. Tab “Groups”: Here you can select the group you're interested in and view the full range of products by clicking on the title of the group, in these caseyou go to a branch of catalogue, that contain goods, with the filter system on the left side of screen.

2. Tab “Products”: Here there is the list of goods from the drop-down properties. You can browse products, add them to your cart. Clicking on the head “Groups” of the goods we will proceed to the branch of catalogue that contains the goods, with the filter system on the left side of the screen.


"If you can not find the product you are interested in, contact INMAEX administrator using inquiry form, it is possible that desired product has not yet been added to our catalogue. Administrator will create the product and invite suppliers  as soon as possible.” provides broad system of filters that inboard into catalogue and makes it possible to quickly find the product according interested characteristics.

The items that you selected are in the tab “My cart” on the left side of control panel. There you can set / edit the number of units and units of measurement and write comments or suggestions to Supplier.

Work with sent offer requests and received offers for goods or carriage are  in the menu “Buyer documents” on the right side of the control panel.

Sent offer requests you can see in the tab “Offer requests” in the menu “Buyer documents”.

Received Offer requests – are in the tab “Offers” in  the menu “Buyer documents”.

Generated invoices and contracts for Supply are in the tabs “Invoice payments” and “Contracts” in the menu “Buyer documents”.

The tab “Shipping cost requests” is designed for sending the request form for delivery, also you can find there received Offers for delivery and customs processing. 

Control panel is at the top of the screen and contains the following tabs from the left to the right:

  • Tab “Profile” - is designed for registration data management
  • The name of the company – if you click on the tab you see the personal Cabinet
  • Messages - by clicking you will be addressed on page of your messages
  • My Cart – there you can find chosen items for sending of offer request to Suppliers
  • Help – is instruction for trading platform functionality
  • Buyer documents - is the menu which holds the history of your requests, received Offers, invoices and contracts for goods and delivery
  • Button of choosing language – is for change of the language

You can initiate a conversation with supplier by writing a message in the text box in the form of goods of Supplier or in response to received Offer in the text box tab "Offer" in the menu "Buyer documents".

  • All correspondence history is in the menu “Messages”
  • You can send messages with attached files up to 2MB

A wide range of goods:  from industrial equipment to raw materials from all over the world. Ever-expanding range of products and the head of catalogue, comfortable and rationalized structure will make the search fast and simple.

A wide range of goods:  from industrial equipment to raw materials from all over the world. Ever-expanding range of products and the head of catalogue, comfortable and rationalized structure will make your search fast and simple.

Multicast RFQ - send your offer requests to all suppliers in one click.

Write in the search box the product you are interested in, then you should choose from appeared search results in the tab "Groups" desired item and press button "Create properties request " in the right side of the screen opposite to product name. In expand features field a buyer should specify data and add the product to the Request. All suppliers will receive your request.

E-mail notification about new messages, new offers as well as Offer status changes will be sent to your e-mail.

Catalogue provides the system of goods comparisons by a wide range of details: compare features, price, place of origin, suppliers and so on.

Open rates for FCL container delivery and carriage of groupage LCL cargo on FOB-CY terms.

  • Widespread geography of carriages
  • The largest shipping lines
  • High-quality service
  • Open rates
  • Opportunity to request the coast of delivery in any region of the world

You can send a request for carriage using the menu  “Buyer documents”- "Shipping cost requests " or tabs "LCL tariffs” and “ FCL tariffs”

On the opened page, fill in the required fields and your request will be addressed to INMAEX Logistics. You will be given detailed cost calculation as soon as possible.

In this case INMAEX can act both as the exporter or importer of your shipment.

You get completely rid of necessity to negotiate and make an agreement with other partners; to address issues with customs clearance of shipments, payment of fees and other charges; to take risks.

  • Search for products and suppliers
  • INMAEX contract holding
  • Negotiation and agreement of terms and conditions
  • Audit of business and manufacturing quality
  • Representing the interests of the client
  • Organization of all "turn-key" supply chain

Our specialists provide a technical and information support to service users at any workstage in the trading platform INMAEX.

Free consultation on all questions in service use and it’s full functionality, consulting in the field of foreign trade activities and carriages.

INMAEX Intermediary service in the negotiations

Specialists of the company help to negotiate or become Buyer's representative in Asia, CIS, Europe, North and South America.

  • Search for products according to customer requirements;
  • Providing analytical review of suppliers;
  • Cost calculation of goods unit anywhere in the world.